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Gluten Free Panchetta Gorgonzola PizzaGluten Free Panchetta Gorgonzola Pizza : Mar 19, 2014 - Gluten free pizza with my favorite cheese and pancetta...yes please. Don't forgo the arugula, it's part of a complete taste sensation that shouldn't be missed. Oh yes, the crust is won't miss the wheat.


Blackberry MargaritaBlackberry Margarita : Mar 19, 2014 - Classic drink with a modern twist, not your mother's margarita but she'll try to drink yours when you aren't looking so plan to order a pitcher. Fabulous happy hour specials, tasty appetizers and great atmosphere make Zocalo's a place you don't want to miss when you visit the River City.


Roasted Pork ShankRoasted Pork Shank : Mar 19, 2014 - Not what we expected at all. This was a dinner special, not on the regular menu so we thought hardy American fair. We were only partly right, the flavors were delicious and with a decidedly Asian flair. Very good and huge portion. Enough for two with appetizer, dessert and wine...can you say date night?


Cauliflower PenneCauliflower Penne : Mar 19, 2014 - It isn't easy to find a restaurant with many gluten free options on the menu. While it's true Paesano's only offers the standard gluten free penne as a pasta option, their flavor choices and combinations are tasty and not typical of eating out. This dish combines savory roasted cauliflower, smoky bacon, spicy arugula, feta cheese and red pepper flakes in a tomato butter sauce for a surprising and mouth popping dish. You can't go wrong with this one!


Pear MartiniPear Martini : Mar 05, 2014 - Begin an evening of exploring all Sacramento night life has to offer with a tasty libation and some entertainment. That's right, as you enjoy your adult beverage, lovely merlasses provide sensual underwater entertainment for your pleasure. Something a little out of the ordinary but not out of the way, located on Sacramento's busy K Street and within walking distance to the Convention center, Music Circus, the Esquire Imax theater, Downtown plaza (slated to soon become the new home of the Sacramento Kings NBA arena, dining, nightclubs and much more.


All you can eat lunchAll you can eat lunch : Mar 05, 2014 - A favorite lunch spot with co-workers and friends, always plan on a long, leisurely outing. The tabletop cooking adds a fun twist on the typical Asian fare and make for an extraordinary dining out experience with plenty of laughter. You will not leave hungry.


Garlic Rosemary ChickenGarlic Rosemary Chicken : Mar 05, 2014 - Olive Garden is a popular chain restaurant that makes Italian food mainstream. Most people think pasta when they think of Italian food but this tasty dish features mashed potatoes and a garlicky butter sauce. I prefer my chicken a little less done but this was a light and delicious dish despite that.