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TiramisuTiramisu : Feb 22, 2014 - House made and wonderful


Black Bean BurgerBlack Bean Burger : Feb 22, 2014 - A very rare find in my area a Vegan/Vegetarian Cafe. The Black Bean Burger was delicious as promised, the texture and flavor was comparable to many I have enjoyed in the Chicago area. Served with a side of Asian Slaw also excellent.


CannoliCannoli : Feb 14, 2014 - Made in house, a very delicious dessert and amazing portion. The shell still crunchy, with a smooth tasty filling


Pasta Di CasaPasta Di Casa : Feb 10, 2014 - I was recently invited to a small reunion at this hidden gem. We ate family style and had an opportunity to try several dishes. This was an authentic 3 cheese penne that was amazing (something I rarely say outside of my home for Italian food).


SardinesSardines : Jan 23, 2014 - A wonderful Spring delight, Menu changes often


Duck HeartDuck Heart : Jan 23, 2014 - Delicious plate intense with flavors. The menu changes frequently.


Pork Belly with CitrusPork Belly with Citrus : Jan 23, 2014 - An amazing small plate for sharing. Always fresh ingredients and meats. The menu changes often.