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30 oz Porterhouse Steak30 oz Porterhouse Steak : Apr 10, 2014 - Excellent


Roasted Tomato Linguine with Sauteed White Mexican Wild ShrimpRoasted Tomato Linguine with Sauteed White Mexican Wild Shrimp : Feb 11, 2014 - I agree, the difference is in the fresh ingredients. I love shrimp and it is obvious to me when it is fresh vs sitting in a freezer forever. Very pleased with the flavor as well...


Fish Tacos with Fresh Alaskan HalibutFish Tacos with Fresh Alaskan Halibut : Feb 11, 2014 - I wish more restaurants cooked fresh fish over mesquite grills rather than frozen - huge difference. Definitely the best fish tacos I have had!


Duck with White BeansDuck with White Beans : Feb 08, 2014 - The Duck was good, as were the white beans - both had good flavor. Atmosphere there was amazing. Great seafood bar as well.


Slanted Door Spring RollsSlanted Door Spring Rolls : Feb 08, 2014 - This was also one of my favorite dishes. Great flavor, not very heavy, and the sauce was perfect.


Barbecued Willis Ranch Pork SpareribsBarbecued Willis Ranch Pork Spareribs : Feb 08, 2014 - I am not a big rib lover, but they were good. The table next to us also ordered them. and they were impressed as well.


Grass-Fed Estancia Shaking BeefGrass-Fed Estancia Shaking Beef : Feb 08, 2014 - Very tender beef and the lime sauce was a perfect complement - my favorite dish there.


Cellophane NoodlesCellophane Noodles : Feb 08, 2014 - Yes the noodles were tasty, light and very enjoyable.


2 lb. Lobster2 lb. Lobster : Feb 08, 2014 - The lobster was very good and came with a delicious cheesy crepe. Not very much lobster, but what there was, was very good. The atmosphere was terrific!