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Spanish dishes vary by region throughout Spain, but most are based on fresh and flavorful local grown and raised ingrediants. Spanish cuisine usually contains bread and rice, vegetables and fruit, olives or olive oil, fish and shellfish, legumes and nuts, as well as meat poultry and eggs. This combined with wonderful herbs and seasonings such as saffron, cinnamon and cumin add a great deal. Some of the most popular dishes include: paella ( a popular rice dish that can include seafood, chicken, sausage and more), Gazpacho (a cold tomato based soup), and tortilla de patatas (a traditional spanish omelet with eggs, potatoes and onions).
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  • Lobster
  • Filet mignon tips w a cream sauce and potato purée
  • Chicharron de Pollo
  • Crab Chimichanga with guacamole & melted cheese
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