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Soupsare made by combining ingredients such as meat and vegetables with liquids such as stock, juice, water. They are usually served hot, but also can be served cold. Traditionally, soups consisted of two main groups: clear soups and thick soups. Clear soups would be are bouillon and consommé, while thick soups would include vegetables or meat thickened with starch or thickeners. Other common ingrediants to thicken soups include egg, rice, lentils, flour, and grains.
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  • Chick pea and Lemon Puree
  • Chili & loaded Baked Potato Lunch
  • Pho
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  • Lemon Soup
  • Jalapeno Soup
  • Mulligatawny Soup
  • Dumpling Soup
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Recent Recipe Reviews

Cabbage Cabbage "Diet" Soup--My Way: Apr 15, 2014 - This soup tastes so spicy and delicious you won't notice how quickly you are losing weight... by Tifahn Rodriguez

Creamy Cucumber SoupCreamy Cucumber Soup: Mar 08, 2014 - This soup is very refreshing! by Timothy McCormick

Roasted Yellow Tomato and Pepper SoupRoasted Yellow Tomato and Pepper Soup: Jan 28, 2014 - This is one of my favorite soups, amazing hot or cold with a wonderful sweet flavor. by John Scardina

Hungarian StewHungarian Stew: Jan 27, 2014 - I bet that is good on a cold night! by Jordan Wexler

Recent Dish Reviews

Chick pea and Lemon PureeChick pea and Lemon Puree : Feb 08, 2014 – Keg by Julie O'Connor

Chili & loaded Baked Potato LunchChili & loaded Baked Potato Lunch : Jan 28, 2014 – If you are a Chili fan you gotta have some of Famous Dave's. Aside from being fantastic, the lunch special couples it with your choice of a loaded Baked Spud or salad. Not hungry for Chili? Try the Potato Soup - Yum! by Timothy McCormick

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