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Seafood usually refers to fish and shellfish. Shellfish can include various species of mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms. But in many parts of the world like Asia, many consume edible sea plants as well. Seafood is also a very important source of protein, especially in coastal areas.Research has shown that the nutrients and minerals in seafood can improvements brain development, reproduction, and other functions of the human body.
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  • lobster with ginger and scallion sauce
  • Crab stuffed beignets
  • Mongolian spiced roasted lamp rib
  • Fish n shrimp tacos
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  • Spicy Mussels with Tomatoes and Fennel
  • Seafood Piccata
  • Prawn Fajitas with Tomato, Bean and Green Chilli Salad
  • Seafood Sandwich
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Steak and LobsterSteak and Lobster : Jul 29, 2014 – had it last night - always terrific. Very good steak and delicious lobster! by Jordan Wexler

Parmesan and Herb Crusted OpahParmesan and Herb Crusted Opah : Apr 21, 2014 – The opah was very good. SWe got it prepared with the house favorite style - Parmesan and Herb crusted with panko, macadamia nuts, lemon and capers. by Jordan Wexler

Poke TacosPoke Tacos : Apr 21, 2014 – Raw ahi tuna with shoyu, maui onions and wasabi aioli. little guacamole underneath finished the dish nicely - well done! by Jordan Wexler

Crispy Coconut ShrimpCrispy Coconut Shrimp : Apr 21, 2014 – only 1 word...Excellent! Also very fairly priced less than $12. Ask for a table by the window and enjoy the amazing view and sounds of the crashing waves. by Jordan Wexler

BranzinoBranzino : Mar 03, 2014 – They will fry or bake it if you ask by Jordan Wexler

Camaron Empanizado (Jumbo Fried Shrimp)Camaron Empanizado (Jumbo Fried Shrimp) : Mar 02, 2014 – This restaurant is pure Mexican cuisine and fine dining. Although the Jumbo Fried Shrimp itself is prepared traditionally, the side dishes are local recipes such as Mexican rice and a green salad with avocado topping. The plate included 9 jumbo shrimp cooked to perfection and not cold upon arrival. The baked potato was heavenly with all the right garnishes. Although the price is slightly high at by Rosa Espinosa

CevicheCeviche : Feb 27, 2014 – It is amazing the difference fresh fish makes in Ceviche! by Jordan Wexler

BranzinoBranzino : Feb 22, 2014 – Very tasty fish (was a special not always listed on the menu) - you can have it baked or fried. by Jordan Wexler

Mahi MahiMahi Mahi : Feb 22, 2014 – Fish was pretty good, great atmosphere here - wonderful on a warm night. There are a lot of families with dads, kids and grandparents all together - they also have a great bar. by Jordan Wexler

Panko PlatterPanko Platter : Feb 21, 2014 – Great tasting combo of panko crusted wild shrimp, scallops and white fish. Everything from the fish to the fries to the coleslaw was very fresh!Yum! by Jordan Wexler

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